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Friends to quote


Friends to quote

I take credit for two things in life: being a writer and being a friend. Although I just told you that I am a writer, I, kind of often, have a hard time finding the right words. That is why I love when my friends find them for me. Usually, they can’t take in how funny the message they just sent me was. So, I save it for later.


Sci-fi milk
To be awkwardly personal, my luck with relationships during the past few years haven’t been the best. It always seems like there is a time limitation - something’s always in the way. When this had happened for, what it felt like, the millionth time I started calling the phenomena that is myself in these situation ”the expiration date”. I complain about this expiration date to all my friends (or to anyone that wants to listen) a lot. So much, that it has become my thing. For my friend Sofia, however, I never become sour milk - even after I believe that my expiration date has passed. And that is the best friend quality her poster stands for.

Plastic surgery and coke
You know those moments when you realize that you’ve lived under a rock for a little too long? I have them all the time. My friend Karolina does too, though hers are way more insightful and, in this case, on a higher level of dark comedy.

OMG girls
My friend Anastasia always starts her stories with ”OMG girls”. She also always keeps her commitments, especially when it comes to hanging out with ”the girls” as she calls our friend group. What she never does is to listen to U2.

24 steps at 1AM
Growing up, my little sister was the always responsible and dedicated one. In hindsight, she acted like the big sister I was supposed to be. This year, she started studying law, which I would say makes my case for me. With university studies comes partying, and my sister is no exception. After a night out she tried to literally backtrace her footsteps, because she couldn’t remember herself.